Lost & Found

Welcome to our Lost and Found page! We want lost pets to find their way home. Sometimes we can connect those who have lost a pet with those who have found a pet without the pet even coming into the building.
If you have lost or found a pet, please call the Circle of Friends Humane Society at 701-775-3732 or fill out a lost card at the bottom of the page. We will keep the information about the pet and, if the pet should come to the Humane Society, or if someone should find the pet, we will give you a call.
Please be as specific as possible about the description of your pet. Sometimes it's hard for us to know exactly what your pet looks like. For instance, everyone describes the colors or patterns of a tiger cat differently. So if you have a picture, please email it to rachael@cofpets.com along with your name and pets name.
It's so very important to keep a collar and identification tags on your pet at all times. Do not allow pets to run unconfined. The world is a dangerous place for unsupervised pets. The City of Grand Forks requires pets to be confined at all times.
Please remember to check with the Circle of Friends Humane Society if you have lost your pet. Only 20% of pets brought to our shelter are claimed by their owners. Those pets not claimed are placed for adoption to find new homes.
Pets received at the shelter without identification of any kind are held for five days before being placed for adoption. This allows owners time to claim their pets. At the end of the five-day period, the pets are placed for adoption.

Lost Card
date you last saw your pet?
ex. Shorthair cat, Lab mix
color of collar, what kind of tags, is your animal microchipped?
ex. black and brown tiger, striped